Find Out Who Urogynecologists Are and Their Main Responsibilities


 If you ever heard a woman saying they have gone to see their urogynecologist, they simply mean they have gone to see someone with the right training in urology, obstetrics, and gynecology.   You need to understand that you can get the treatment you need for those non-cancerous problems you have on your pelvic organs if you just visited the right urogynecologist.  To get more info, visit pelvic floor dysfunction . A competent urogynecologist would offer you the best treatment for your damaged pelvic tissues and muscles, and the most effective treatment they offer is the reconstructive surgery.
 Any women some persistent health complications in their gastrointestinal problems should visit a qualified urogynecologist since they also treat such problems besides the reproductive health issues.  It’s known that most urogynecologists have the skills and expertise needed to treat fecal incontinence or even the urinary type that affects women.  Don’t let any of your female family members, friends, or colleagues live with pelvic organ prolapse among other pelvic floor disorders, if you can find a reputable urogynecologist for them.
 If you didn’t know what pelvic floor is comprised of, you need to know it contains ligaments, tissues, and muscles that keep the urethra, rectum, bladder, and uterus strong.   Most of the women who end up with some serious health problems in their pelvic area are those who never visited the urogynecologist when the first symptoms of weaknesses in these areas appeared. To learn more about Urogynecologists,visit Dr. Lotze . Many of the urogynecologists you may find today insist that the pelvic floor issues won’t cause the pain they cause in women if only they were regular visitors to their urogynecologist’ office. 
 If you develop some problem during childbirth, or have some genetic issues, you are more prone to develop any of the pelvic floor disorders. Most urogynecologists advice women to avoid smoking or a lifestyle that would cause obesity since these two would also cause urinary incontinence.   If your relationship with your urogynecologist is good, they might have told you that chronic diseases, surgery, aging, and repeated heavy lifting could also lead to pelvic floor disorders. 
 The urogynecologist will first analyze the condition of your pelvic floor before they decide on the muscles exercises you should do or any other treatment to go for.  These muscle exercises are meant to help your bladder develop the ability to control urine and also keep the pelvic floor muscles strong.   Prevention of the pelvic floor issues is what most compassionate urogynecologists are after, but they don’t encourage people to only stick to treatment.
 You shouldn’t just buy medications over the counter before you have consulted a urogynecologist because you may have it wrong.   A qualified urogynecologist may also ask you to get some supporting devices if they would work better than the medications.  Most urogynecologists know that the patient has a say when it comes to selecting treatment for their pelvic floor disorder.  Learn more from

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